Saturday, 28 April 2012

Banana Bag Review

Yes - Banana Bag! I discovered this a couple of weeks ago.

How many times have you stocked the fruit bowl with bananas only to go back a week later to find the bananas have gone black & are attracting fruit flies?  We all do it, buy a stack of fruit & then forget to eat it or buy a couple of extra bananas just in case the grandchildren come over, but if truth be told, when they come over they'd rather have one of nan's freshly baked cakes or that pack of sweets in the cupboard!

We all know you can't store bananas in the fridge as they go black even quicker because the skin gets too cold & the flesh inside ripens even quicker. If left in the bowl, a banana will last a week at best.

My problem is that not driving & living in a village 5 miles from town, I like to have a good supply of fruit, but hate it when the 2 bananas that are left in the bowl at the end of the week are only useful for making banana bread.  I like a fresh banana every day with my breakfast, either sprinkled with cinnamon or honey on toast or scrummy with a couple of weetabix & hot milk.

So how do bananas stay fresh in a banana bag? Well, it actually allows you to keep the bananas in the fridge! Sealed inside the bag, fresh bananas get just enough air to keep the flesh from over-ripening & the skin is kept warm enough through the right amount of insulation to stop it from turning black.  Bananas will keep fresh twice as long!

It was worth the few pounds paid out - definitely value for money!

I hope this was helpful - If you like bananas, you'll love The Banana Bag!

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